Same Day Food Walk Tour

Same Day Food Walk Tour

Same Day Food Walk


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  • Delhi - Agra - Delhi

Our one day food walk will allow you to experience Agra's best and most popular local and traditional food while you are exploring the hustling and bustling streets of Agra by foot. This full course three set meal will have a wide variety of options including vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. You will be having a lot of foods to choose from. Starters and desserts will also be present including the traditional sweets and the world famous Indian ice-cream, Kulfi.

Our food tours have been designed and put together in such a way that it will satisfy and make any foodie happy and will also to enhance their experience of visiting Agra. Our one day food walk will allow you to dive into the various tastes and cuisines of the North India and the Mughal era. We have included some of the best traditional and local sweets that you can enjoy while exploring the busy streets of Agra and its locality. These include food items such as Kulfi, Pedas and Vegan and Non vegan kebabs. If you are interested in the foods sold at night, it is advisable to not drink any alcohol and have a light lunch before joining the walk.

As mentioned before, our food walk is designed to satisfy and make any foodie happy by allowing them to experience the various gastronomic delights that can be found in the streets of Agra. We will also customize the tour according your tastes and also depending upon your tolerance level of spices and heat. For further assistance, we will also try to learn about the various foods that you like and will also ask if you want to remove any type of food from the tour if you have any kind of allergies to certain food types.


Our experienced and professional local guide will pick you from your hotel or place of stay and will depart to Agra. Once at Agra, the whole food tour will be of 2 to 3 hours depending upon the appetite of the customer. The tour will also have moderate walking along the streets of Agra.

The following are the various food items that we present to our clients during the food tour. The list also includes starters and desserts.

Starters: Kachori/Samosa, Paapdi Chaat, Paani Puri, Bhel Puri, Aloo Tiki, Dahi Vada, Kulfi and Lassi

Main course: Chole bhature, idli and dosa – south Indian style, Indian style pasta(optional), kebabs, chicken tikka, Kati Rolls, Tandoori Chicken, Pander and vegetable tikka, Roti and Naan

Desserts: Ras Malaai, Gulab Jamun, Agra's variety of ladoos and Pedas, sweet paan

We at Taj Mahal Private Tours will be taking you to experience authentic and real food that is traditional and authentic. We won't be bringing you to expensive and posh hotels. We provide a transparent billing system and hence there is no hidden fees starting from the transportation charges and the bill of the food items that you wish to eat. Moreover, you do not have to pay us a single cent extra, unless you want to buy foods for later after the tour. Our food walks are authentic and real, our reviews are a testimony to the services that we provide to our clients and customers. We will also ensure that you won't be ripped off or scammed by local food vendors. We follow a fixed price to the food items that we prepare for the tour. These prices are shown to you at the beginning of the tour for a more transparent and efficient food tour. We ensure that you won't be leaving hungry after the tour and we will make sure that you are given a hearty and scrumptious meal throughout the whole food journey while exploring the streets of Agra. All you need to do is have an empty stomach and an open mind to try the various foods that you come across during the tour.

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